Quality Assurance

Quality Assuance Program

Our QA Program was implemented before we bought or sold a single aircraft component

Our Quality Assurance team conducts extensive receiving inspections for every part entering our facility; another detailed inspection takes place upon shipment to our customers. This program ensures accuracy, proper airworthiness documentation, and trace paperwork.

All parts bought or sold are in compliance with all regulatory and industry requirements

With a focus on leadership, a strong Quality Assurance team, internal audits, and continuous improvement, we strive to be an industry benchmark with regard to quality control. As a matter of principle, we prohibit the buying and selling of incident related materials. Third-party audits and accreditations further validate the strength and thoroughness of the Ranger Air Quality Assurance Program.

ASA-100 Accredited and an ASA Regular Member, meeting the standards of FAA Advisory Circular 00-56B

Our most recent ASA-100 Audit was completed successfully, as were previous individual airline audits. IATA and CFR49 course requirements for Hazardous Material Handling have also been fulfilled. We are also an active ASA Regular Member.

  • To view our ASA-100 accreditation or ASA Regular Member certificate, please click here and look for our Ranger Air section
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    or call +1 972-245-6699

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