Fulfill your FAA requirements for Human Factors Training through TPS courses.

Fulfill your FAA requirements for Human Factors Training by signing up today!

Does your aviation repair shop struggle to schedule FAA mandated training programs while maintaining its ongoing operation? Texas Pneumatic Systems can deliver cost-effective, schedule-friendly Human Factors initial and recurrent courses to organizations ranging from small, family-owned repair facilities all the way up to some of the largest aviation companies. In fact, we can help your organization develop its own self-sustaining HF program by providing annual recurrent training.

When it comes to Human Factors training, a soft skills subject, the most effective delivery method is face-to-face with a live facilitator. Our highly experienced facilitator presents timely, research-based topics, guides discussions, and interjects lots of anecdotes (and humor) during the sessions. A face-to-face class also allows greater interaction between attendees through personal experiences, large/small group exercises, activities and case studies. Additionally, a live facilitator can answer student questions in real time. Our HF courses meet and exceed FAA and EASA requirements and have been accepted for FAA I/A renewal and the FAA AMT Awards Program.

1. Course Book
2. Handouts
3. Certificate of Training

The course is subdivided into 4 modules with case studies integrated throughout:

a. Reason Model
b. Task & Situational Characteristics
c. Unsafe Acts
d. Error Reduction and Prevention Strategies
e. The Dirty Dozen

a. Individual Task Performance
b. CHIPS Model
c. Performance Variability and Limitations
d. Errors and Mistakes

a. Teams and Effective Team Characteristics
b. Communication
c. Team Building and Interpersonal Skills

a. Professionalism
b. Organizational Culture and Hindrances to Professionalism and a Professional
c. Roles of Maintenance Manual Procedures

Act now, before your deadline arrives, to take care of all of your Human Factors training needs by contacting Texas Pneumatic Systems at #817-794-0068 ext. 23.